Dev Blog

I’ve decided to finally start a development blog for the game I’m working on. There are two main reasons for this:

1) At this point, I’ve been working on the game for almost seven months now, and the game has gone through so many changes and iterations that it’s getting quite hard to keep track of how it has evolved over the course of development. I think it’d be quite interesting for me personally to see how it has grown, and how different aspects and ideas have shifted throughout the process.

2) I’ve been reading a lot of development blogs for other games, and have found a lot of the information that’s discussed to be an incredibly useful resource. Some of the posts are quite inspirational, especially when you can see comparisons of screenshots between the final released game, and the work-in-progress. It’s a nice reminder, especially as an independent developer, that every game, no matter how great it is, had to start out somewhere.

To this end, here are some work-in-progress screenshots from today’s work session: