Development Update – New Puzzles

Finally getting back into designing new puzzles. Change of pace is very different. Instead of making minor tweaks here and there, I’m now just playing around with new mechanics and seeing what’s possible.

Often, the way I approach designing a puzzle is that I’ll have a rough idea of something I want to try, I’ll start by setting up the level, and see if I can solve it. I’ve often surprised myself with this technique, finding solutions for puzzles that I thought were impossible. From there, I’ll start to trim away the unnecessary parts until the core idea is in place.

Here are some work-in-progress pictures of the new levels. Once I have a sequence of puzzles lined up, I will start playtesting.

Relativity_Game_Screenshot-2014-06-25_02-40-16 Relativity_Game_Screenshot-2014-06-25_21-47-50 Relativity_Game_Screenshot-2014-06-26_01-15-06

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