Fruit Growing on Tree Basics

Got the basics of fruit growing on tree working.


In the above gif, the animation looks pretty dead. It’s just a linear growth rate.

I then switched to using an animation curve to control the growth rate, and made it so the box actually is larger than normal at a certain point to add some juiciness to the animation.

Found this really funny glitch while playing around:


Anyway, you can pick the box off of the tree and then use that box to open a door:


It was a really cool moment when I finally saw this. I’ve had this idea in my head for so long…. Since Tokyo Game Show in October I believe. To finally see it in action felt very weird, but incredibly satisfying.
Like I knew exactly what to expect since I wrote it, but to actually see something with my eyes that I had been picturing in my head for so long… I couldn’t stop laughing.





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