Menger Sponge

Started playing around with generating a menger sponge because I wanted to see what it would look like.

Well, it looks crazy awesome, but the way I’m making it is insanely intensive.

400 million tri. 800 million verts. Inside the Unity editor, it runs at a whopping 0.5 FPS…

I think generating ProBuilder objects inside Unity for this stuff is not the right way to go. Probably better to generate it in a 3D software and then import it into Unity. It’s just insane right now.

MengerSponge1 MengerSponge2 MengerSponge3 MengerSponge4

Fractal Generating with ProBuilder

Playing around with using a fractal generating script in Unity with the ProBuilder API.

The reason for using the ProBuilder API is so that I can edit the objects afterwards if necessary. I’m thinking of using the generation script primary as a foundation for creating interesting level design.

(If you’re interesting in playing with the ProBuilder API, inside the ProCore folder, there is actually an example script that shows you on to instantiate ProBuilder shapes, apply vertex color, and set the size, etc).

Also, the PS4 version of the game is coming along well. Really happy with the developer tools that we’ve added to the game. Being able to switch on NoClip has been absolutely invaluable.

Here are some of the coolest screenshots from the experiments with fractal generating.

fractal_01 fractal_02 fractal_03 fractal_04 fractal_05


Memory Leak Bug

For about the past week, there had been this really annoying bug – whenever the game was running on the PS4 devkit or my laptop, it would crash after about 5 minutes. What made this extra annoying was that I could’t replicate the issue on my desktop.

Talking to David, we determined it was a memory leak of sorts.

I pulled up the Unity Profiler, which has a section to look at current memory.

I saw that my material count was increasing by the thousands every frame. Within about 3 minutes, it was already at 70K and still increasing. This seemed quite strange to me.

As it turns out, in one of my scripts Update() function, I was calling Renderer.Material every frame, which as a result was creating new instances of material, hence the leak.

After I commented out the line responsible for this (don’t even remember what it was supposed to do in the first place), the game no longer crashed.

Sigma Play

I went to Sigma Play this past weekend. It’s a game design conference in Bloomington, IN.

I was giving a talk about the design of Relativity, and the infinite architecture that exists in the game.

Below are some pictures.

Welcome to Bloomington:


On Friday night, a keynote speech by Bernie De Koven2

After Bernie’s keynote, it was time for game demos:3 4

Stacks on Stacks on Stacks: 5 6

Really intense discussion about a board game: 7

Hanging out afterwards, which of course turned into more game demoing: 8

Jen Helm speaking on Saturday about educational games:9

The conference ended with a session of social games led by Bernie De Koven at WonderLab, a science museum in Bloomginton: 10

All in all, a really fun weekend for me. Bloomington has a very cool game dev community.

First Time Streaming

I streamed for the first time yesterday! Did some level design and showed a bit of the framework in which everything takes place.

Here’s my Twitch page:

Follow me there if you’d like to see more streams in the future. I think I’m going to do more live level design and development in the future as well.

This post from Rami Ismail about development streaming was really helpful.

As was this video playlist.

PS4 Version / New Level

Spent much of today struggling with the Unity 5 UI. Man, I just can’t wrap myself around it. It seems really unfriendly to more code-based approaches. Where are all the hooks!?

Anyway, one really cool thing is that Amplify Creations, which makes Amplify Color (the Unity plugin I’m using for color grading) saw me talking on twitter about how Amplify Color doesn’t work on the PS4 devkit, and offered to send me the latest build, which did work!


Here’s a screenshot that I captured off of the devkit:


So happy to have both the PC and PS4 versions consistent.

Also started working on a new level. It is waaaay more fun than working on UI. 2 3