Interlockables / Polynominos

Long devlog post.

Been quite busy these days, so not as easy to find time between development, streaming, and everything else to update the devlog as frequently as I would like to.

Apologies in advance for decrease in quality of writing. Easier for me to just spew out everything stream of consciousness style.

Interlockables / Polynominos


Interlockables are giant polynomino pieces that can’t be picked up, but which still react to gravity. They are always double gravity pieces: red-blue, yellow-green, orange-purple.

On the Interlockables are color lines which act like wires, and can connect switches to different objects that can be turned on or off (usually opening and closing doors).

The parts that are marked in red are the areas where other connectors can join to, in order to continue the power line:


Below an image of the line lit up. Notice that it’s made up of multiple line segments.

[img notice][/img]

Originally this system was very much hard coded. I’d design a puzzle, and just put triggers on where I want to Interlockables to eventually get to, and just detect its position.

However, what we’ve done is made it so that it’s an actual system, so that the Interlockables actually act as wire connectors. This makes it much easier to design puzzles, and also allows for much more interesting (and surprising) interactions.



A bug earlier where the color got screwed up. It should be blue and red:


One major problem with the interlockables is that the visuals need to be redesigned. It’s hard to see the line on top of the interlockable. It also looks really really ugly right now.

Line Manager

Arrow on line manager in editor to let me know which way is its forward direction:


Very helpful

UIC Artist Residency

I’m an artist in residence at the UIC maker space this summer:


Will be working on manifesting the ideas in Relativity in different ways.

Today, I learned how to use a 3D printer.


Printed a simple box:


Gotta start somewhere! humble beginnings.

It took 20 minutes to print the box, which is 2.5 cm x 2.5cm x 0.5cm

I can foresee there being lots of trial and error, and experimentation already. I’m excited to start making physical things. 3D printing is something I’ve wanted to try for a very long time.


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