Orthographic Edge Detection

Started working on orthographic projection edge detection.

Here were the first few passes. The lines are too thick:

1 2


Glitchy effect due to my other edge detection shader not working well with orthographic camera, but still really cool looking!



You merely adopted the madness. I was born in it, molded by it:

6 7 8 9

Playing around with adding background color:


Getting close:

13 12 11

This geometry above is probably too bland and repetitive. But the lines are getting there.

Stepwell level, still a bit glitchy:


Future poster?


Development Update – Bit Bash & Postcard

I showed Relativity at Bit Bash yesterday, and had a really positive response! I’m still too exhausted to write up too much about it, but do a more detailed post sometime next week.

Also, earlier today, I came up with this idea for a postcard, and was so excited about it, and proceeded to spend the next few hours putting it together.


Development Update – Poster Readability

Earlier, I showed the poster designs to TrinketEric (who’s actually the artist on the beautiful Battle Chef Brigade, which just recently got a devloghere that you should all follow!) and he suggested a simple way to improve readability would be to have a very faint semitransparent fill inside the outline, using the off-white color in the background.

Just tried it now, and it works beautifully! Check it out:

poster_readable_01 poster_readable_02 poster_readable_03