Save System

Learned a lot today about deep copy and serialization.

The save system is proving to be quite the challenge.

Turns out open world persistent save with level streaming is quite hard.

Getting close though!

Json Utility

Switched to using Json utility for serialization instead of binary serialization.

It was having problems with ScriptableObjects.

Using it in a separate thread. It is giving me an error even though the docs say that it is ok to use Json Utility in background threads.

Consolidating Code

Feeling like I’ve made some major progress with consolidating all the code for the game.

Refactoring the save system is going well.

Getting really close!


Water is now in a good place, at least functionally.

Need to do another pass over save system to make sure it all works and is logical.

Water Code

Starting to go through the water code to make sure I fully understand it. Progress is a little slow, but it’s a fairly complex system.

I’ll get there eventually.


Need to do a bit more code clean up for tree script. But almost done. Moved a lot of calculations to be done during level build prep stage.

After that, will start on water.