In June, I was invited by Lawrence Arts Center to go to Lawrence, KS and create an installation the atrium. I was there for only a week, and I had wonderful time during my visit.

The piece I created was titled “Sunflower” – and you can see more photographs of the installation, as well as a timelapse video of its construction¬†here.

Just last week, summer classes ended at Lawrence Arts Center, and to celebrate, all the kids took part in a giant party taking down the installation. I think this is how I will take down all my installations in the future! Below are some photographs from this event, courtesy of LAC:

Timelapse Video of Balloon Sculpture in Millennium Park!

My friend Sarra Jahedi has created an awesome time lapse video of the balluminescence team setting up the balloon sculpture in Millennium Park for Science Chicago’s LabFest! back on August 22. Check it out, and remember to rate/favorite it!

Sarra’s a filmmaker who also went to the University of Chicago. She directed a documentary about chess in Hyde Park, and created a web series called Drexel and Drexel. Currently, she’s working on a new web series called Pushing 23.

The music is by Mucca Pazza – they’re an awesome post-apocalyptic circus punk marching band from Chicago. If you like what you hear in the video, check them out. They play a lot of shows in the Chicago area and their live shows are always a load of fun.