Co Hoedeman

I attended a masterclass with animator/film maker Co Hoedeman at the NFB Mediatheque today. Hoedeman is perhaps best-known for his 1977 short film The Sand Castle, which won an Oscar for best animated short film that year.

He talked about his experience working as an assistant at a film studio in the Netherland in the 50′s, and eventually making his way to Canada, where he worked for the National Film Board for over a decade. He started in the department of documentaries and educational films, before beginning to experiment with puppet animation. He shared with the audience excerpts from his old films as well his latest piece, 55 Socks, based on a poem by Maria Jacobs about living in the Netherlands during World War II.

While most of his works have been made with stop-motion animation, and even today he still tries to do as much as possible in camera instead of in post-production, in each of his films he has challenged himself to use a new material. The film below, the Garden of Ecos, for example, uses handmade paper puppets.

All in all, it was a very enlightening talk, and I hope to incorporate a diversity of materials in my own work as well. Most of the other films Hoedeman made with with NFB can be found on the board’s website.