Tree Band Problem

David fixed the issue with the floating branches when you merge the tree. Mostly it had to do with getting quaternions right to handle the correct rotation.

We had another problem though, with the bands on the tree:


These are only supposed to appear at the base of the tree to indicate how many fruit cubes grow from it. I think Chris wrote the script so that it should only go on the trunk part, which should be separate from the rest of the tree.

Anyway, right now it is getting applied to the entire tree.

DevLog Update – Temple No. 1

Continuing the redesign of the opening level. It is going slowly, but well.

I’m now spending more time planning and organizing the hierarchy of objects as I’m building, as I found it to be a nightmare to try to organize things after the entire scene has been built.

One development problem that is probably unique to Relativity, is that because you can walk on any surface in the world, you can’t really categorize geometry by names like ‘walls’, ‘ceiling’, or ‘floor’, since everything could be a floor at one point or another.

I also can’t really use words like ‘up’ or ‘down’, as all of that is relative and depends on which gravity well you’re in at the moment.

This makes it really tricky to divide up the world. What I’ve found works well is splitting geometry into sections based on usage of space. For example, I’ll split up a building into parts like ‘Section 01′, ‘Room A’, ‘Tunnl – A to B’. I’m finding that this works better and makes it easier to find things.

Anyway, here are a few screenshots of current work-in-progress building. The working title is ‘Temple No. 1′.





DevLog Update – The City, Optimization, and Trees

Started working on a level which I’m calling “The City” for now. Got a few architectural elements that I’m pretty happy with, heavily inspired by brutalism. You can see some trees that I’ve added. I’m quite happy with the results so far, but I think they still need plenty of tweaking. I’m not sure if it would be worth it to write a tree generation script, or just make 10 or so different ones by hand and place them randomly around the scene.

Also started optimizing the geometry in the scene. I’m using a combination of merging groups of objects into one to reduce draw calls, setting certain objects to occluders, as well as not drawing polygon faces that I know for sure are hidden.

Finally, I just got a new updated version of ProBuilder, which I’m super excited to try out.