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  • Working Version

    Manifold Garden now has a working version of every system in the game. Still a lot of work left to do, but this is a major milestone. That is all.

  • Smooth out exit

    I got the exit looking smoother! Still needs polish and optimization work, but it’s looking pretty sweet so far.

  • World Within World aka “Inception Effect”

    The last major mechanic to be implemented. I’ve had this idea since November 2014, and finally getting around to implementing it. Here are some gifs showing progress over several days: Version 1: Version 2: Version 3: version 4: version 5: version 6: version 7: version 8:

  • Community Building Round Up

    I asked this question earlier on twitter yesterday: I got some really great responses. It’s been known for a while now that with how saturated the game market currently is, you can’t just put your game on Steam and expect an audience to find it. You also can’t really rely on press to discover your…

  • Water + Portals + Saving & Loading

    I finally got water going through portal working with saving and loading. It’s not perfect, but the basics are there. This is a really big step. It may not look like it, but there are a TON of really complicated systems at work here. Level streaming loading, persistent save system, portal, water, etc. The next…

  • Water and Portals

    Made some major progress with water today. Got water going through portals on a basic level. Still needs a lot of work.  

  • Save System Breakthrough

    Major breakthrough with Manifold Garden save system today! Still a bunch of problems, but I think I’m over the hardest part now.