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Neuroplastic Dreams

Biological Sciences Learning Center

Chicago, IL

June 2009

Consciousness is both familiar and esoteric. Through it, we perceive. And yet knowledge of how it works continually eludes us. How can a forest of neurons, none of which are independently sentient, create a unique sense of self through the pattern of their interactions?

Neuroplastic Dreams was inspired by the idea of a literal neuron forest. Individual neurons are the trees that make up this forest, sending and receiving signals from other neurons to endow the forest with consciousness. Connected together, these neuron trees create a 3 dimensional space in which the inhabitants of the forest interact.

Special Thanks to: Elliott Brannon, Ashley Seong, Lisa Wang, Linda Chyr, Lucas Culler, Kelly Kennedy, Nathan Smith, Jesse Marshall, Crystal Huang, Lane McIntosh, Nikhil Raghuram, and Xue Zhong