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  1. Congratulations, Willie, on your Chicago Tonight appearance! I just met you at Wicker Park last weekend, where my son received the best ‘Monkey in a Tree’ balloon I’ve ever seen! It’s barely hanging on, but he still sleeps with the balloon animal on his bed 🙂 Your work here is amazing – I’ll be sure to recommend you to others looking for unique entertainment for special events!

  2. Hey Kathy,
    Thanks for the nice comment! I’m glad your son liked the monkey!
    – Willy

  3. Willie, this is so amazing! I’m so glad you’re getting the press you deserve!

    I love all your recent work too with We Are Zooids– the lighting in those are incredibly, really fluorescent and goes perfectly with the blue color of the balloons. Really looking forward to seeing more of that!

    Also, as a side note, I was so happy to see you hung my painting up and it was shown a bit too! I got incredibly excited. :p

    Have a great rest of summer!

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