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  • Door Switch Animation

    Going from the animation component to the animator component in Unity 5 has been kind of tricky. Still not sure what the Animator equivalent of Animation.isPlaying() is yet. Anyway, finally got button switch synched up to door animation

  • Door Segment Animation

    Decided to take a look at the door segment scaling issue. The way I hide away the door segments into the frame of the door is by scaling it in the direction of movement. Here’s what it looks like slowed down: Here it is without scaling: I could just leave it this way without scaling…

  • Door Opens after Light Hits

    Found out today I didn’t get into A MAZE Festival Sad Will try again next year! Anyway, some good news is that I got the switch working so that the door opens *after* the light travels through the path and reaches it:

  • Traveling Light on Switch and Doors!

    Got the light on the line to work together with the switch: I think it works better for the entire line to go off when the box is removed, instead of having the light slowly retreat, as that would look pretty weird just to have the light on but not the box there. Also feels…