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Been really busy the past several weeks, getting ready for name change announcement, and a ton of stuff in the works.

To be honest, I’m feeling pretty stressed out and overwhelmed. I think once the name change announcement is made, I’ll be able to rest for a bit.

Writing here just to let you all know development is still going, and I will get back into regular posts here soon.

I’m still streaming regularly over on Twitch:

Here are some screenshots of a glitch effect I’ve been playing with:

1 2 3 4

This happened due to some weird bug in the shader that renders the depth buffer inverted from everything else.

Here’s one of my favorite screenshots that I’ve taken in a very long time:


Also been working on water – that’s almost done. The hardest part is getting it to work with world wrapping. There’s a lot of edge cases.

David has also been working on a level editor. More stuff to show about that soon.

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