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2017 is the harvest year for Manifold Garden!

Let’s ship the game this year.

The past several months have been a bit of a struggle with me back to working alone, and having to take over the code base. But I’m over the biggest hurdle now and have a really clear idea of how most of the code works.

I’m trying to keep a streaming schedule of 8 hours a day. I usually will stream for 2 hours at a time, with 5 minute breaks after 30 minutes. Between the streams I’ll go for lunch, go to the gym, watch TV, etc.

It’s mostly a way for me to maintain momentum and discipline.

Plan for today:

Yesterday figured out a lot of mesh manipulation stuff that was happening at run time for trees to get them to grow and shrink.

Today, I want to continue cleaning up the code, then I’d like to start diving into the water code.

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