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  • Development update video #6

    Development update video #6 is now up! It summarizes the last 10 months or so of development down to 5 minutes. These are some of the topics covered: – Save system– Menu– New water art style– Tree growing animation– New portal system– World shrinking mechanic The last one of these videos I did was back…

  • Recursive Portals

    There are now recursive portals in Manifold Garden!  

  • Imperial Hotel + Habitat 67

    New level inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s Imperial Hotel and Habitat 67  

  • World-within-a-world Improvements

    Made some improvements to the world-within-a-world effect. The key part now is that gameplay objects (such as the door, button, and boxes) are enlarged when you shrink down. Previously, it was just the environment. This makes the transition look much smoother. It is also based on time instead of frame rate. Finally, the duplicate instances…

  • Working Version

    Manifold Garden now has a working version of every system in the game. Still a lot of work left to do, but this is a major milestone. That is all.

  • Community Building Round Up

    I asked this question earlier on twitter yesterday: I got some really great responses. It’s been known for a while now that with how saturated the game market currently is, you can’t just put your game on Steam and expect an audience to find it. You also can’t really rely on press to discover your…

  • Save System Breakthrough

    Major breakthrough with Manifold Garden save system today! Still a bunch of problems, but I think I’m over the hardest part now.

  • Save System

    Learned a lot today about deep copy and serialization. The save system is proving to be quite the challenge. Turns out open world persistent save with level streaming is quite hard. Getting close though!

  • Json Utility

    Switched to using Json utility for serialization instead of binary serialization. It was having problems with ScriptableObjects. Using it in a separate thread. It is giving me an error even though the docs say that it is ok to use Json Utility in background threads.

  • Consolidating Code

    Feeling like I’ve made some major progress with consolidating all the code for the game. Refactoring the save system is going well. Getting really close!