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Development Update – Grid Snap, Bug Fix

Grid Snap Edit

So in the last update, I shared my code for grid snapping. After I did this, my friend Joel (of Prune), asked me why I was using a coroutine instead of a non-update function. I realized that I had been using coroutines and non-update functions interchangeably, which really isn’t the right way to do things.

So I changed the code to be in a non-update function instead.

Bug Fix for Box

Another issue I needed to address with the box was this jumpy snapping thing that would occur. This is different from the grid snapping.

If you moved the top box past halfway point of the lower box, it would immediately jump to the edge of the box.

After looking at the code closely, I realized it was because the rays from the side of the box were hitting the lower box, and causing the jump.

The solution was to bring the rays in corner slightly inward, like this:

That fixed the problem. Look at how smooth the top box is moving!

Jump Length Elongated

I also extended the length at which the player can switch to a wall. I changed it from 5 to 6. I think it solves the issue of “too much wall”, basically the player spends too much time with their face up against the wall.

This way, it allows for more to be seen, so I think it’s much more interesting visually.

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