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Development Update – Notebook Sketches

Notebook Sketches
I’ve been meaning for some time to make a post sharing some of my notebook sketches. Finally getting around to doing it now.

World Maplevel_structure

This is an early version of the map of the game. I was trying to lay out how the different hub worlds would connect to one another. The current structure of the game is quite different, but you can get a sense of the complexity I have in mind.

You can also see that previously I had specific themes for different levels: Downtown, The Library, Museum, Industrial, etc. This isn’t really that relevant to the game, at least in its current state. Mostly, this was a way to help me think about how levels would evolve. Coming up with reasons for why specific structures existed gave me a starting point from which to design the levels.

Opening Level Designrelativity_sketch_001

An early draft of the layout of the first level in the game. You can see that on the right I was playing around with different arrangements for how the space would fit together in 3D.

Advanced Hub World Designsketch_003

This was a sketch intended for a Hub level that would appear in the later stage of the game. I’m not sure if I will still put it in the game. Different elements from this design have found their way into early levels. Anyway, it gives you a sense of the design process.

Water Logicsketch_004

This is a flow chart I drew up to help me work out the logic of water in the game. I still haven’t finished implementing that mechanic yet. I got it working on a basic level several months ago, and then decided I needed to focus my efforts on more immediate problems, such as the early levels.


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