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Development Update – Object Carry System Bugs

Continued to work on a few bugs with the object carry system.

Problem was if you stood very close to an object when picking it up, it would get pushed back until it was at the set holding distance. This meant that if you pointed straight down at the box, or if the box was in front of another box, there was a bug where the box would get pushed through the floor or another box:

I found a way to fix it by setting the initial position of the box once it was picked up based on the distance of the box to the player, instead of the holding distance. This fixed the box-going-through-things problem, but resulted in this really ugly box snap that would happen in the 1 frame right after you picked up a box:

Playing around with the code some more, I realized I actually just didn’t need to set the position of the box at all, and this fixed the ugly box snap problem:

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