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Development Update – TIGForum’s Devlogs, Edge Detection Improvement

4th Best Devlog of 2014

RELATIVITY DevLog came in 4th place and got a mention in this year’s Best Devlog Thread.

The top 3 devlogs are all super fantastic. Congratulations to Lucas Pope’s Return of the Obra Dinn, Eigenbom’s Moonman, and JLac’s Project Rain World!

I’m incredibly honored to have even been nominated. Really awesome to see that people are enjoying the posts here. Definitely has inspired me to continue posting updates here. Thank you all for your support!

Edge Detection Improvement

A few weeks ago, my friend Devon, who is part of the Young Horses, took a look at my edge-detection shader code and made some improvements.

Basically, what he did was increase the number of sample offsets, and also raised the standard by which an edge is determined.

You can see that there are less artifacts (those random black dots) after his changes:

Box Redesign

I decided to take some time to redesign the boxes, which up until now, just had placeholder art.

I changed the arrows to black, for when the box is in the active state, and also added an outline to the arrow when the box is in the inactive state, so that it’s much easier to see (especially on the yellow box).

I think the outline and the darker arrows makes the symbols feel much more intentional, and are better at attracting player attention.

Active Box:

Inactive Box:

Level Design Tweaks

Finally, I’ve also been making minor tweaks to old levels. These will be rebuilt eventually, but I wanted to test out a few ideas for positioning. Here are a few shots of the level:

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