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DevLog Update – Teamwork, Design Docs, Expanding the City

I met with Kiku, the sound designer and composer, on Sunday to discuss the music of Relativity. I’m learning that working in a team is very different from working solo.

For one thing, I’ve come to appreciate the power of design documents. Up until now, I hadn’t created a design document for Relativity, nor did I feel the need to. However, I think when you’re working in a team, it becomes a really powerful way to make sure everyone is on the same page.

I am continuing to expand the world within the game. Not doing so much programming these days. Mostly modeling and high-level design work on paper. Really looking forward to taking several days off next week to relax.

The level codenamed “The City” is the one I’m still working on. It’s about 70% complete now.


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