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Different Invert Modes


Currently implementing different invert mode types, and setting up a system to easily switch between them for the purpose of playtesting. These are not the ones I’m going with necessarily. Just posting here mainly for documentation purposes.

1.Button to Tree – Lock to Gravity

– Use normal boxes to light up invert box stand, so invert box is accessible

– pick up invert box to go into invert mode

– in invert box, player cannot change gravity

– if invert box is dropped, slowly fade back into normal mode, where player and invert box are reset to position before going into invert mode

– While slowly fading back into normal mode, player can go near a normal tree to continue being in invert mode

– if player moves away from normal tree, the fade to normal mode will resume

– player can also pick up box to cancel fade into normal mode

– if player brings box to invert tree, then the invert mode stage is complete

– Something special happens

2. Contant Fade To Normal

– pick up invert box to go into invert mode

– as soon as you enter invert mode, the screen starts to slowly fade to white (Takes about 60 seconds).

– Once the screen is fully white, go back to normal mode (reset invert box and player)

– the player can extend time in invert mode by going to a normal tree

– player must bring the box to invert tree before the fade back to normal mode is complete

– Something special happens

3. Reverse Gravity

– Press a button to enter this mode

– Player cannot change gravity

– In this mode, direction of gravity is inverted – player falls upwards

– can pick up boxes and drop them


A1. Objects fall down

A2. Objects fall up

B1. Floor is colored

B2. Ceiling is colored

C1. Cannot change gravity

C2. Can change gravity

D1. Can jump

D2. Cannot jump

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