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  • Development update video #6

    Development update video #6 is now up! It summarizes the last 10 months or so of development down to 5 minutes. These are some of the topics covered: – Save system– Menu– New water art style– Tree growing animation– New portal system– World shrinking mechanic The last one of these videos I did was back…

  • Recursive Portals

    There are now recursive portals in Manifold Garden!  

  • World-within-a-world Improvements

    Made some improvements to the world-within-a-world effect. The key part now is that gameplay objects (such as the door, button, and boxes) are enlarged when you shrink down. Previously, it was just the environment. This makes the transition look much smoother. It is also based on time instead of frame rate. Finally, the duplicate instances…

  • Title Screen

    Title screen in Manifold Garden now changes based on player progress throughout the game. Wanted this feature for years. Finally added it. The code is still super messy, and I’ll probably want to clean it up soon before it gets to be unmanageable. The hardest part here is making the title screens scenes as they…

  • Basic Version of Intro

    Lots of progress done on saving / loading system. Super busy of late. Anyway, finally got a basic version of the intro, loading screen, quit + fade to start screen going: This stuff takes way longer than you’d expect. So much effort for these tiny details, but they really do contribute to the overall impression.

  • Smooth out exit

    I got the exit looking smoother! Still needs polish and optimization work, but it’s looking pretty sweet so far.

  • World Within World aka “Inception Effect”

    The last major mechanic to be implemented. I’ve had this idea since November 2014, and finally getting around to implementing it. Here are some gifs showing progress over several days: Version 1: Version 2: Version 3: version 4: version 5: version 6: version 7: version 8:

  • Water + Portals + Saving & Loading

    I finally got water going through portal working with saving and loading. It’s not perfect, but the basics are there. This is a really big step. It may not look like it, but there are a TON of really complicated systems at work here. Level streaming loading, persistent save system, portal, water, etc. The next…

  • Water and Portals

    Made some major progress with water today. Got water going through portals on a basic level. Still needs a lot of work.  

  • Water Corners

    Fixed up the corners of the water