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Jan von Holleben

My first introduction to Jan von Holleben‘s work was through his phenomenal seriesĀ Dreams of Flying, shown above. It was the first time for me that a work of photography managed to capture the essence of childhood, and evoke long-forgotten memories of play and innocence.

I have since looked through his entire portfolio and have been following his work on a regular basis. Amazingly, all his work contain the same sense of playfulness and visual transparency evident in the Dreams of Flying series.

One of my favorites is You Count 10, I Run, in which he sets his camera’s timer to 10 seconds, and then tries to run away as possible before the image is snapped.


So simple, and yet so much fun.

Jan von Holleben has also explored more mature topics in his work. The following two images, titled The Teenager and The Hotel, respectively, are from the series Where We Laughed, which sexuality in society – the role it plays, and how we perceive it.

Jan von Holleben’s Portfolio

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