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Pre-PSX Madness

Ran through the latest build of Manifold Garden on the PS4 devkit before PlayStation Experience. It is playable from start to finish. There are still a few things I’d like to add, but it’s icing on the cake.

The biggest improvement in this build is that the game is actually running at 60 FPS on the kit! 60 FPS feels wonderful. Smooth like butter.

David really did some fantastic work with optimization.

Also, new Manifold Garden prints have arrived, and they look fantastic! These will be available for sale at PSX:


Earlier today, I was on a panel (virtually), along with Ken Wong (of Monument Valley) and Ty Taylor (of The Bridge), talking about Escher and game design at the North Carolina Museum of Art. It was pretty cool. Not sure if it will be posted for viewing later. I believe it was recorded.

Anyway, it was fun, and really interesting to hear about the context of Escher in art, as well as Ken and Ty’s thoughts on how they used his work in their designs.


Finally, here are a bunch of screenshots from the latest build of the game, captured directly from the devkit:

manifoldgarden_devkit_capture_001 manifoldgarden_devkit_capture_002 manifoldgarden_devkit_capture_003 manifoldgarden_devkit_capture_004 manifoldgarden_devkit_capture_005

Alright, back to PSX prep!

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