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Bonsai Tree Design

Continuing to work on bonsai tree designs. My plan at the moment is to create 100 of these, and then pick the best ones to randomly place throughout the game.

Some people have suggested writing a script to generate these trees, but the thing is, I still haven’t figured out the pattern behind the bonsai trees, and I think it’d actually be more work to come up with that script and tweak it.

Besides, it is pretty fun to make these.

Here are some images:

A21L9t7 2 3

Also, if you ever work with reference images, I highly recommend getting Kuadro. It’s an image viewer for windows.

It’s incredibly useful, and lets you do things like set an image to be “always on top”, so you don’t have to switch between applications when modeling and drawing something. It’s basically an app that I’ve wanted for the past 2 years.



Also, finally found the style of waterfall that will be in the game.

This one from Wind Waker is really close:


Here’s a thread about recreating it in Unreal:

Here’s a thread on doing it in Unity:

I put together a rough mock up of it to see how it’d look in the game. The color is all off, but I think it’s promising:


Also, Wind Waker seems like an incredible technical achievement for its time:


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