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DevLog Update – Grabbing screenshots, fixing bugs, and project statistics

Spent yesterday getting updated screenshots, as the current version of the game is already looking quite different than what I had posted a few months ago.

This took a lot longer than I had expected.

I figured I might as well put together a basic build of everything I have so far, so I had to go through all the levels, optimize each scene, and lightmap them. This process used to be fairly quick, but I now have 38 Unity scenes in the game, so going through all of them was pretty time consuming. On the plus side, I now have prettier looking pictures.

Here’s one of them:

Tons of bugs still need to get fixed, especially in the earlier levels. I had gotten most of them to a level that was “good enough” and had moved on to work on other aspects of the game, but I think it’s about time I go back and fix them while I’m still somewhat familiar with what I did.

I’m also starting to cut together a new trailer for the game. It’s not going to be the official teaser trailer, just the alpha trailer v 0.2. Mostly it’s an opportunity for me to collect some footage and get a sense of where the gameplay is at. I’ll post it here once it’s ready.

Some statistics on the project:

  • Current puzzle count: 37
  • Number of Unity scenes: 38
  • Estimated average playlength: 4 – 5 hours
  • Size of latest .exe file: 377 MB

For the final game, I’m aiming for between 50 – 60 puzzles, and about 6 – 8 hours of play time, so I’m making progress, but I’ve still got ways to go.

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