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Indy Pop Con

Right after E3 ended, I went back to my hotel, packed up, and headed to the airport to catch a flight to Indianapolis.

I got there at 6 AM. Indy Pop Con was about to start in just a few hours.

If you’ve been reading this devlog for a while, you might remember Pop Con from previous years. It started 3 years ago, and I’ve been there every year since the first one. Last year they introduced the Reboot Award, where Manifold Garden got second place.


As always, the best part of Pop Con is meeting the players. The convention is small enough that with 2 computers, I don’t really have to cut people short when they’re playing the game. I just let people play for as long as they wanted to, and several people played for over an hour. One person even played for close to two hours. This is a really good indication for me that the beginning of the game is strong and engaging.

You also remember people from previous years. What’s really cool is that for some of these people, they’ve been able to see the game grow over the course of development through Pop Con.

Like at past events, this year Alienware lent me 2 laptops for the show.


This year, Manifold Garden was also a finalist for the Reboot Award, alongside Tumbleseed and HiveJump.

Once again, this year Manifold Garden got second place, losing to HiveJump.

I now have 2 skateboards…


After Indy Pop Con was over on Sunday, I got a ride back to Chicago with Trinket Studio.

When I got back to my place, there was a really wonderful surprise. The latest issue of Game Informer had arrived!



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