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E3 2016

2 weeks ago, I flew out to LA to begin my convention tour.

I arrived in LA on Sunday, 2 days before E3 started. On Monday, I went to the convention center to upload a new build of Manifold Garden to the show floor PS4. We had submitted a build to Sony a week earlier, but had added additional content and fixed a bunch of bugs afterwards.

E3 was Tuesday to Thursday, and was basically just a whirlwind of press events. My schedule was pretty much completely packed during all three days.

Like last year, I was in the Sony booth, in the PS4 section. This year, the area showing indie games was about a third of the size it was last year. I’m super grateful to have been part of the PlayStation 4 booth this year. I was asked to be in it on the last day, and it is just such a fantastic opportunity.

This year, I was booth neighbors with Night In The Woods, ABZÛ, and Thumper. All beautiful games in their own right. What fantastic company to be a part of!

IMG_3398 IMG_3401

Usually at conventions, on the last day is when the press will go around putting “Best Of” badges on the various games they have selected.

This year, Manifold Garden got 4 of them! Thank you IGN, PlayStation Nation, 4Player Network, and LevelCamp!


Manifold Garden was nominated for IGN’s Best of E3 2016 Awards in the puzzle game section, alongside Batman: Arkham VR and Deus Ex Go. Batman ended up winning, but it was still super exciting to be nominated!

IGN Best of E3 2016

Manifold Garden was also on two of Polygon’s writers’ top 10 games of E3 lists!

The game also got a ton of press! Here’s a list of just some of them:

IGN – E3 2016: 17 Awesome Games You Probably Missed

Polygon – Manifold Garden takes Inception’s twisting architecture and turns it into a puzzle

PlayStation Universe – Manifold Garden is a puzzle gamer’s dream: Hands-on impressions

Northernlion – Northernlion’s Best of E3 2016

Easy Allies – Manifold Garden – E3 2016 Impressions

Arcade Sushi – Tripping Through The Manifold Garden

PlayStation Lifestyle – E3 2016 – Manifold Garden Preview – Be a Witness (PS4)

FactorNews – Premier vertige dans Manifold Garden

IndieMag – Manifold Garden, Le Puzzle-Game Vertigineux, Dévoile Une Vidéo de Gameplay Pour L’E2016

Famitsu – 幻想的かつ幾何学的な世界を舞台に重力を入れ替えながら進むパズルアドベンチャー『Manifold Garden』【E3 2016】

GameSpot – Solving Puzzles in Different Perspectives with Manifold Garden at E3 2016

PC Games Hardware – Manifold Garden: Trailer zum außergewöhnlichen Puzzle-Spiel

Game Revolution – E3 2016: Manifold Garden Is Where Falling Doesn’t Mean Certain Death

Digital Trends – ‘Manifold Garden’ Creator William CHyr Wants You To Think In Three Dimensions

My biggest highlight of E3 this year was that I got to meet Shuhei Yoshida, the president of Sony’s Worldwide Studios for Sony Computer Entertainment! He was a delightful person, and stopped by to check out Manifold Garden!


He also had some really nice things to say about the game! 😀


After E3 ended on Thursday, I went back to the hotel, then headed straight for the airport to catch a red eye to Indianapolis for Indy Pop Con. I’ll talk about that more in the next post.

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