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More Volumetric Light Experiments / Giant Interlockables

Did some more tweaks with the volumetric lights. They’ll definitely need some custom work with the code in order for it to fit well with Manifold Garden’s art style. I think the key here is that it needs to be used sparingly. If it is over used, it will ruin the art style that I’ve so carefully cultivated.

Here are some screenshots captured this weekend.

ManifoldGarden_Screenshot_001 ManifoldGarden_Screenshot_002 ManifoldGarden_Screenshot_003 ManifoldGarden_Screenshot_004 ManifoldGarden_Screenshot_005 ManifoldGarden_Screenshot_006 ManifoldGarden_Screenshot_007 ManifoldGarden_Screenshot_008 ManifoldGarden_Screenshot_009 ManifoldGarden_Screenshot_010

I think the voluemtric light needs to only come in in very special moments. Moments where players stop and go “Wow…” and nowhere else. Right now I’m just experimenting with the style.

Also started working on giant interlockables. Or rather I should say, started re-working on them.

ManifoldGarden_Interlockable ManifoldGarden_Interlockable2 ManifoldGarden_Interlockable3

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