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New Programmer! Introducing – Tom Huffman

Super stoked to share that a new programmer is joining the team!

Everyone say Hello to Tom Huffman!

I’ve asked Tom to write up a bit introducing himself:


Hi, I’m Tom Huffman and here is a little about me.

I first taught myself to program by making small games and attending game jams. Before going into games I went to school for photography. I later went to DePaul for game development. At DePaul I worked on the VR game Dumpy: Going Elephants. Dumpy was made for an Oculus Rift game jam. It won a spot in the Indiecade West Oculus Rift booth and was latter shown at Bit Bash.

I recently worked for M1 Interactive making interactive advertising for trade shows and museums. At M1 I worked with Unity and Arduino to create one off experiences. The projects ranged from projection mapping and touch screens to augmented reality and vertical reality.

I continue to work with DePaul on their game capstone and art game classes. I work directly with capstone teams as a programming and design mentor. I have been doing this from around the time I graduated in 2013.

I try to go to any local Chicago game events like Indie City Games, Chicago Unity Meetup, or Bit Bash. I have also gotten way more into biking this last year and have switched my primary mode of transport to my bike.

I’m super excited to start working on Manifold Garden.


Tom Huffman


Welcome to the Garden, Tom! Great to have you on board.

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