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Temple Level

It’s a been a while since my last update here. February has been a really busy month.

Been working on a level which I’m calling the “Temple” for now. It’s inspired by Walter Netsch’s Behavioral Science Building on the UIC campus:


and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Unity Temple:


With Netsch’s piece, what inspires me the most is the varying levels of elevation, and the way the building’s profile expands and contracts. It feels incredibly distinctive to me.

With Wright’s piece, I really like the use of columns, and the almost fractal like feel of the building – the larger columns on the outsider corners, then smaller versions in the middle, then smaller blocks on the columns themselves.

Someone on one of my dev streams pointed out the irony (?) of making a level based on the Unity Temple while using the Unity Engine…

Here are some pics of the level building process:

ManifoldGarden_2016_02_04-15_31_09 1216x684 ManifoldGarden_2016_02_04-23_58_13 1588x893 ManifoldGarden_2016_02_05-14_36_00 1589x894 ManifoldGarden_2016_02_05-15_20_33 1589x894 ManifoldGarden_2016_02_09-17_11_56 1826x1027 ManifoldGarden_2016_02_09-18_44_21 1826x1027 ManifoldGarden_2016_02_10-13_22_33 1589x894 ManifoldGarden_2016_02_11-01_15_07 1589x894 ManifoldGarden_2016_02_14-21_33_48 1324x745 ManifoldGarden_2016_02_14-22_06_29 1324x745 ManifoldGarden_2016_02_16-00_46_37 1589x894

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