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Press / Wallpaper Auto Cycle



Check out this interview with Jonathan Blow on Giant Bomb because

1) The Witness is going to be awesome!

2) At the end of the interview (47:00 time mark), Jonathan is asked:

What was the last game you played that you feel “This has something”.

Jonathan responds with Miegakure and Manifold Garden! He says “it feels like a game that really knows what it wants to do” and “just goes straight there and doesn’t mess around with other things”.

Wow! Incredibly honored!


If you can read French, IndieMag wrote about Manifold Garden!


Très franchement, nous sommes particulièrement emballés par ce jeu aux “géométries impossibles” et soyez certains d’être les premiers informés dès la mention d’une date de sortie pour ce Manifold Garden !

Merci beaucoup IndieMag!

Manifold Garden Wallpaper Auto-Cycle

Ever wanted to automatically fetch and cycle through Manifold Garden images for your wallpaper? Now you can!

Thanks to @pkqk, there’s now a shell script to automatically fetch images from the Manifold Garden tumblr page and cycle through them as your wallpaper.



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